Our Green Vision And Carbon Calculator

Carbon emissions are one of the world’s major contributors to climate change. At The Big Green Generator Company we are conscious that although we cannot solve the global problem, we want to take responsibility for the carbon that our generators create.

The Big Green Generator Company have pledged to offset all of the Carbon produced by our generators by planting trees! We shall calculate the Carbon our machines have created over the year and plant the necessary number of trees to reflect this. 

We all know that every living thing on Earth is made up of four basic elements - carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen. Those four elements make up about 96% of your body, and most of a tree's roots, trunk, branches, and leaves. 

So, whilst we humans are getting most of our carbon through eating, our trees breathe it in the way that we breathe in oxygen.

When a tree breathes, it inhales carbon dioxide and exhales oxygen - the exact opposite of humans. As a tree matures, it can consume 48 pounds of carbon dioxide per year (among other greenhouse gases like ozone), and releases enough oxygen for us to breathe for two years!

Removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and releasing oxygen in its stead also helps limit global warming, providing for a cleaner, healthier climate.

So, by planting trees, you can help clean the air and fight climate change!

Use our Carbon Calculator below to assess your potential output!
(Calculations are approximate, please refer to manufacturers handbook for further information).

How many trees have I planted?

Every time you use one of our generators, you are contributing to our tree planting program! For every 250kg of carbon emitted, we will plant 1 tree

Generator usage